Larson Electronics Launches 30 Foot 100-Watt Solar Powered LED Light Tower

Larson Electronics LLC, released a solar powered LED surveillance tower that features a 1080p full HD camera, two 265-watt solar panels, a 500aH capacity battery bank with a 120V battery charger, a backup generator and a telescoping mast that deploys a Class 1 blue LED strobe lamp and security equipment up to 30 feet

The entire assembly is mounted on a single axle aluminum trailer for easy transportation, making this light tower ideal for remote and rugged locations.

The SPLT-.53K-LM30-1XPTZ.20X-CL1B.B-ISGG-TLR10 is a complete, portable solar-powered surveillance system for outdoor and remote locations. This powerful security system is equipped with a 1080p full HD high resolution camera  that provides operators with precise 20x optical zoom, integrated long-range IR LEDs with a 850nm wavelength, day/night capabilities, MP4 format, as well as H.264 and MJPEG video compression. This solar security assembly comes with a 1TB, 8-channel network video recorder. Installation only takes minutes via plug-and-play, which automatically detects, displays and configures system components.

The two included 265-watt solar panels generate a total maximum output of 0.53 KW and have a 45-degree tilt for optimized sunlight exposure. The compact, high powered blue LED beacon offers 360° of brilliant light without the dark spots or unevenness found in traditional incandescent beacons. This beacon is equipped with auxiliary LEDs on top and features 30 flash patterns and four simulated rotating patterns that can be controlled from the control box. Rounding out this security solution is a NEMA 3R component control box with a component cooling system, and a 7kW 4-stroke OHV single cylinder engine backup generator. The generator has a keyless electric start and automatically kicks on when battery voltage falls below 12 volts.

The SPLT-.53K-LM30-1XPTZ.20X-CL1B.B-ISGG-TLR10  is a total security package, ideal for live events, outdoor surveillance and other law/military applications,” said Rob Bresnahan, CEO of Larson Electronics LLC.The IP camera, solar panels, blue detterant LED, backup generator, battery bank and the tower/trailer assembly that pulls it all together provides operators with an effective monitoring system for temporary and outdoor jobs.”