ABB, Tigo Collaborate to Provide Inverter and Optimizer Solution

ABB and Tigo has announce an operational compatibility between ABB’s inverter line UNO-DM-PLUS and Tigo’s TS4 optimizer platform. The combined ABB and Tigo module solution is now available.

Combining ABB’s inverters with Tigo’s TS4 Platform offers a flexible and scalable solution to meet all the different needs of installers and end customers said the company in a statement.

The UNO-DM-PLUS family dramatically simplifies installation complexity via a self-commissioning routine that removes the manual configuration process and results in lowered installation time and costs.

The connectivity package of the UNO-DM-PLUS allows for built-in smart grid capabilities such as dynamic feed-in control, which manages the energy fed into the grid, and uses SunSpec-compatible open communication protocols to ensure compliance with future grid codes and maintain off-the-shelf interoperability with other devices in the system.

ABB and Tigo’s combined solution offers three additional values for residential PV systems:

Module-level Monitoring – Predicting and conducting maintenance on solar installations is critical to ensure that they last beyond their expected 25-year lifetime. With full visibility of a system’s performance through module-level monitoring in 2-second increments, solar fleets can maximize system uptime, identify performance issues, and control operations and maintenance (O&M) costs.

Safety – This module-level Rapid Shutdown Solution provides installers, EPCs, and PV plant owners the most cost-effective response to safety regulations like the National Electric Code (NEC) 2014 & 2017 requirements. For installations unencumbered by shading, this solution certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) provides the necessary safety and monitoring services to ensure systems meet local fire regulations, anti-theft protection, and performance expectations.

• Optimization of Energy Harvest – With optimized modules, more roof space can be used to maximize energy production. This fixes module mismatch and increases design flexibility by optimizing each module when shade drops their performance. It addresses system-level inefficiencies and age tolerance while also benefiting from the module-level monitoring and safety features.

“Tigo is honored to provide monitoring, safety, and optimization solutions with ABB,” says Mirko Bindi, Sales Director at Tigo. “With tier-1 inverter partners like ABB, Tigo can bring the advantages of having a strong inverter partner certified within our platform to customers worldwide.” Tigo’s smart module platform is the industry’s leading open-architecture solution for PV module manufacturers and inverter manufacturers.

Tigo’s TS4 platform with Ultra-High Definition (UHD) Core technology offers Modularity, Selective Deployment, and Predictive IV (PIV) to mix any of the functional TS4 covers for the most cost-efficient energy harvesting at the best price.

“We are pleased to announce compliance of our inverter line with Tigo’s smart module platform,” says Giacomo Bambi, Global Product Manager at ABB. “Our customers now have the enhanced value from module-level power electronics, while using our best-in-class string inverters. We are excited to welcome Tigo as a global partner.”

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