The City of Dania Beach, Florida, Unveils New Blink Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at City Hall

Blink Charging, announced that it has installed four electric vehicle charging stations at the City Hall of Dania Beach, Florida. The units were installed to replace ChargePoint chargers in the City Hall parking complex.

The new wall-mounted EV charging stations are capable of adding 20-25 miles of driving range in 40-60 minutes of charging time and are available to the public. The deployed charging stations join Blink’s growing network of thousands of EV charging stations all over the country.

Access to Blink charging stations in high density municipal locations are crucial for EV drivers. We are thrilled to integrate Dania Beach’s City Hall into our national charging network,” said Blink Charging’s Chief Executive Officer, Mike Calise. “Dania Beach is a major player in South Florida’s academic, marine and tourist industries, and earned its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification. Together Dania Beach and Blink offer world-class charging solutions setting an example for residencies and businesses throughout Broward County and beyond.”

Dania Beach worked with Blink to install the new chargers as part of their ongoing Green Initiatives managed by the Green Advisory Board, a continued commitment to create policies and action plans about energy efficiency and to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Dania Beach has an obligation to our residents and businesses to create policies and action plans to mitigate the effects of climate change,” said City Manager, Robert Baldwin. “The city’s Green Advisory Board has worked closely with Blink and are thrilled to partner with them, not only because they are a leader in this space, but also because Blink provides an entire network of EV chargers that are accessible to the rapidly growing number of EV drivers. Blink Charging is aligned perfectly with our own mission.”


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