Patna to Become First city in India to have electric buses

30 electric buses will be operated in Patna soon under the Smart City Plan says a report. This will help in easing traffic congestion and curbing air pollution in the city.

Transport secretary Sanjay Kumar Agarwal speaking to TOI said the proposal for electric buses had been forwarded to the Union transport ministry for approval.

Çost of one electric bus is said to be over Rs 1 crore and are comparatively more expensive than a CNG bus, which costs around Rs 85 lakh.

The operational and maintenance cost of an electric bus is much lower than a CNG bus.

If Patna gets it’s electric buses, it will first state in India to join the ranks of Los Angeles,Toronto, Chicago and New York which use electric buses as public transport.

Patna divisional commissioner Anand Kishor speaking to the publication said 30 electric buses would run in the city under the intelligent management segment of the Smart City Plan.