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Former Power Minister Piyush Goyal Trolled For Twitting Old Nasa Images To Show 100% Electrification

Union Minister Piyush Goyal was trolled on Twitter by twitterians for posting fake images.

The minister posted Old NASA image celebrating an important milestone for the Narendra Modi government — the electrification of all villages in the country, which was announced on Sunday.

The two satellite images of India taken at night posted by the former power minister, appeared to be a before-and-after scenario.

However, hundreds of twitterians rushed to contradict him.

NASA released the first photograph in 2012 and second was released last year but is from 2016 .

NASA Images highlighted the patterns of human settlement and did not portray the situation before and after Saturday’s electrification of Manipur’s Leisang village.

The images that former power minister used are composite images showing how cities have grown and populations have spread in India.

Mr. Goyals’s tweet that went viral with over 5,000 retweets.