Tritium strengthens international marketing capability to support increased global penetration in EV fast charger markets

As part of its strategic development program to increase global penetration of the electric vehicle (EV) fast-charger market, Australia-based Tritium has appointed three leading public relations firms and a brand development agency to support its international marketing.

The PR consultancies are located in Tritium’s key markets and in Australia: Thinkshift Communications, based in San Francisco, California, will cover the Americas; EMG, based in Netherlands, will cover Europe; and Watterson, based in Sydney, will cover Australia. Brand development agency New Word Order, based in Brisbane, will further develop the Tritium brand for a global market.

We made the first Veefil-RT fast charger sale four years ago, and in just a few years, our fast-charging products have made a significant impact on the market, and they are installed in over 20 countries globally,” says David Finn, Tritium founder and CEO.

Tritium has an aggressive international sales strategy that has seen us take 20 percent of the fast charging sector in the U.S. and Europe since our launch. In the past 18 months, we have set up sales and manufacturing premises in California and the Netherlands, and have expanded our global HQ and manufacturing facilities in Australia. With these new appointments, we now have in place a network of consultancies to strengthen our marketing capability and support the next phase of our development.”


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