E.ON, H&M Group, Scania and Siemens Form a Coalition to Accelerate Decarbonisation of Heavy Transport

Reaching the Paris climate target requires fully decarbonising heavy commercial transport. Getting there no later than 2050 is not only possible but also financially attractive from a societal perspective. To speed up the pace of change, four companies have formed a coalition and invite others to join.

The starting point for the coalition is The Pathways Study: Achieving fossil-free commercial transport by 2050. The study concludes that fossil-free commercial transport in the timeframe of the Paris agreement target, is definitely possible. However, to get there industry and the political arena must come together, initiate immediate change and ensure action at an unprecedented rate.

Industry players are therefore joining together as one voice to impact public opinion and policy with the aim to establish an optimal environment for mutually beneficial change in the transport sector. A systems approach will be required, and the coalition of companies forms a strong foundation with representatives from infrastructure provision, energy solutions and supply, vehicle manufacturing as well as retail with the transport buyer perspective.

The coalition of companies will continue to build knowledge, and identify high impact innovation and partnerships within their operations and respective ecosystems.

The past years have shown that the shift to sustainable commercial transport is gathering pace and the market is responding. However, much more must be done to offset the impact of greenhouse gas emissions. No one can do this alone, but through cooperation we can succeed. That is why the foundation that we are laying with this coalition of the willing is a very important step that demonstrates how we will be driving change,” says Henrik Henriksson, Scania’s President and CEO.

What we are announcing today is a stepping stone for further and deeper knowledge about the global decarbonisation of heavy commercial transport. However, it is already now clear that infrastructure for electrification of heavy vehicles is a key part of this journey. It is therefore a very good fit for Siemens to join the group of companies willing to influence and committed to making this happen,” says Ulf Troedsson, President and CEO of Siemens Nordics

There is no doubt that green energy will power the transport system of the future. The transformation of the heavy commercial transport sector impacts a full ecosystem of players. When we look at our long-term agendas, we are aligned, but it is now that we need to join forces to catalyse change. This is only the first step in a very interesting collaboration,” says Marc Hoffmann CEO of E.ON Sweden.

Climate is one of the most important priorities for any company today and we have set high ambitions for our business to become climate positive by 2040. But it is only when we join forces with other key players in the industry that we can achieve ambitious goals. Joining this coalition will give us a unique position to implement smart, efficient and sustainable solutions for our transport and logistics,” says Anna Gedda, Head of Sustainability H&M group.