Integrating more renewable energy in power system is crucial for India to meet climate goals:IEEFA Report

Demand-side management measures, building a large, well-connected national grid, deployment and efficient use of energy storage systems and flexible operation of thermal power plants are …

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New Report Highlights Path to Overcoming Global Challenges Through Efficient Use of Natural Resources

Nature’s Frontiers report provides roadmap for sustainability, efficiency, and prosperity while preserving the environment A groundbreaking report titled “Nature’s Frontiers: Achieving Sustainability, Efficiency, and Prosperity …

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IPCA Felicitation Program

Indian Pollution Control Association Honors Outstanding Contributions in Waste Management at Project SORT Culmination Ceremony

Delhi NCR societies and institutions recognized for their dedication to sustainable waste management The Indian Pollution Control Association (IPCA) organized the Culmination and Felicitation Ceremony …

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Climate Change Hinders Progress Across All SDGs, Dasra Report

Dasra, a strategic philanthropy organization, has announced its plan to establish a Climate Action Alliance to enable intersectional climate action in India. During the 14th …

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