Carbon removal using blue carbon habitats “uncertain and unreliable”: Study

New study from the University of East Anglia challenges the widely held view that restoring areas such as mangroves, saltmarsh and seagrass can remove large …

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Deforestation and Carbon Cycle, How Effective is Planting of Trees and Challenges of Afforestation

Forests play a critical part in maintaining the carbon cycle of Earth. Trees suck in carbon dioxide, which is one of the main greenhouse gases. …

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A New ESG Elephant in the Room: Biodiversity Risk

Although environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing has swept the financial world, the “E” in ESG has become near synonymous with climate mitigation. While climate change …

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VC Fund Climate Angels-backed Sunbird Straws rolls out ‘Palm leave Straws’ as an alternative to single-use plastic straws

The ZeSUP challenge (Zero Single-Use Plastic challenge), launched by VC Fund Climate Angels, has been supporting various innovative start-ups working towards reducing single-use plastic straws. …

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