Rays Power Infra completes installation of 620MW of solar power, aims to commission 1,200 Mw by 2020

Rays Power Infra recently announced the installation of 620MW of solar power capacity across India in aggregate and has additional 150 MW of utility-scale capacity in an advanced stage of development.

The company has also initiated development of over 200 MW of ground-mount projects selling power directly to the end consumers, under its subsidiary Rays Future Energy, which are expected to be commissioned by end of FY 2019.

Accounting for the projects currently under development, the company is expected to have commissioned over 1000MW of aggregate capacity by the end of FY2020. This reflects the company’s broad presence in the country. With significant value-addition in the Indian solar market, Rays Power is now looking to commence international initiatives.

Commenting on the milestone,  Ketan Mehta, CEO, Rays Power Infra, said, “We take immense pride in how much we have accomplished within a short period of time. Rays Power Infra is now an acknowledged leading player in providing turnkey solar power producing facilities having worked with leading independent power producers and investors.  We look forward to leveraging our continuously growing experience and expertise in successfully implementing solar power plants in India and markets abroad, as we look to expand our reach into new territory that has great potential for solar power generation.”

Rays Power Infra aims to continue its growth in India and is looking to expand into the international markets, with a target of cumulatively commissioning of over 1200 MW by end of FY 2020. The company expects to continue the leverage of its extensive project experience and industry-leading technical expertise to provide more people in India and abroad with innovative, eco-friendly, and cost-effective solar power technology solutions.