REC Group Becomes the First European Brand of Solar Panels to be certified by BIS in India

REC Group has announced its 72-cell product with multi award-winning TwinPeak Technology, are officially certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). This new accreditation allows the REC TwinPeak 2S 72 Series – 72-cell multicrystalline solar panel – to be offered to the Indian market.

To ensure the quality and standardization of solar panels, earlier this year, the Indian government announced some key policy changes, with the Bureau of Indian Standards the designated agency for implementing these new requirements.

Certification by BIS is now a mandatory requirement for all solar panels imported to or manufactured in India. By achieving this certification, the REC TwinPeak 2S 72 Series is now one of only a few panels to have met the BIS standards, and REC is the only European brand with a BIS-certified product in its portfolio.

With BIS certification now being a mandatory requirement, we at REC Group are delighted that the Indian government is finally placing an emphasis on quality and standardization through this certification,” comments Rohit Kumar, Head of REC Group for the Indian Subcontinent. “With the proper implementation of this policy, Indian customers shall benefit the most, as it will help to ensure that only products that meet high quality standards are used. In terms of product quality, REC panels lead the market.”

REC Group has grown significantly in the Indian market in recent years and is now the largest and most popular European brand of panels in the country. REC panels are widely preferred for rooftop installations, thanks in part to their superior quality and consistent power generation in Indian conditions.

REC Group is a leader in solar technology and its own internal testing standards go well beyond the stipulated IEC test criteria. REC panels have also been recently recognized as a Top Performer in the annual DNV-GL PV Module Reliability Scorecard for the third year in a row, reiterating REC’s commitment to quality beyond expectations. In addition, REC TwinPeak 2 panels have been certified by CERTISOLIS for their extremely low carbon footprint, confirming REC as a leading responsible and sustainable solar panel manufacturer.

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