MYSUN waves off its site survey fees for customers across Delhi- NCR

As the problem of air pollution continues to be rampant and a health hazard in the capital, MYSUN—India’s online rooftop solar platform, has launched a campaign to enable people in the National Capital Region (NCR) to take an initiative to go solar by offering customers free site surveys for an extended period of time. The initiative is to empower people in NCR to go green by shifting to solar energy easily with MYSUN in 2018.

As part of the campaign, that started on November 8, 2018, MYSUN is influencing Residential, Commercial and Industrial customers to go green and go solar. For residential customers, specifically, MYSUN is offering MYSUN Flexi-Pay – a flexible payment plan that allows customers to pay for their ssolarolar system in easy installments, interest-free for 12 months.

For Commercial & Industrial customers (C&I), however, they have the ease of going solar through a MYSUN deferred payment plan, where the customer has to only pay 20-25% of the cost upfront, while the savings from their solar system will pay for the rest; assuring great Return on Investment (ROI).

With the thought that larger consumers are likely to make a greater impact on the environment, MYSUN has made it easier than ever for the Commercial & Industrial owners of Delhi/NCR and around, to go solar.

The grave scenario of the air quality and pollution levels in the NCR region is only worsening every year due to multiple factors such as rising vehicular pollution, carbon emissions from factories and industries and also the seasonal crop burning that takes place this time every year.

Sharing his motivations behind the campaign, Gagan VermaniFounder and CEO of MYSUN, remarked, “Citizens of Delhi-NCR are becoming progressively concerned about the environment and the quality of the air they are subjecting both themselves as well as their loved ones. Today citizens are willing to take a strong step and at MYSUN, we are simply enabling this to them by encouraging them to go solar. Since a rooftop solar system is a 25-year product, we feel we are in the position of power to make a massive difference and in just a few days of running the campaign we have had a very positive feedback and gratitude from our customers. ”

The initiative underlines the purpose of MYSUN to make Indian consumers aware of the financial and environmental benefits of rooftop solar. MYSUN envisions to gain further traction and meet its short-term objective of registering and installing up to 10 million solar power generating units by 2022.