MAHAVITARAN floats RfS for power purchase from wind-solar hybrid projects

Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd. (MAHAVITARAN) floated RfS document for purchase of power through competitive bidding process followed by e-reverse auction from grid connected wind-solar hybrid power projects at identified sites.

MSEDCL floated RfS document for Wind-Solar Hybrid power on 2nd January 2019 and last date for submission of response to RfS is 1st February 2019.

Cost of RfS is Rs. 25,000/- plus 18% GST applicable, to be submitted in the form of DD/Pay Order, along with the response to RfS in favour of “Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd”, payable at Mumbai.

In order to fulfill the renewable power purchase obligation (RPO) and to meet the future requirements, MSEDCL intends to procure renewable power. With the objective to promote the hybrid projects for optimal and efficient utilization of transmission infrastructure and land, reducing the variability in renewable power generation and achieving better grid stability, MSEDCL envisage to procure Wind-Solar Hybrid power to the maximum possible capacity on the identified Lands through Competitive Bidding Process [conducted electronically facilitated online on web-based portal followed by e-reverse auction]. The identified land is to be developed by developer on a consolidated basis at each site and quote the maximum possible capacity to be commissioned. MSEDCL has identified following sites, owned by MEDA for development of Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Projects:

Sr. Site Name Capacity of existing wind project (MW) Total land in hectare Spare land available in hectare
1 Motha, Tal. Chikhaldara Dist. Amaravati 2 51.93 38.93
2 Chalkewadi, Satara 2.25

79.4 39.4
3 Gudhepanchgani, Sangli 1.84 44.16 27.66
4 Vijaydurg, Sindhudurg 1.5 47.6 47.6 41
5 Sautada, Tal Patoda, Beed NIL 54.23 54.23

It is observed that there is no wind power project installed at Sautada, Beed Site, while the wind projects at Vijaydurg (1.50 MW) & Chalkewadi (2.25 MW) sites have completed their useful life. For the remaining 2 sites of Motha (2.00 MW) & Chalkewadi (3.75 MW), the balance useful life is only 4- 5 years whereas the useful life of Gudhe Panchgani is expiring in next year. The Energy Purchase Agreements (EPA’s) are already expired for all the above locations except Gudhe Panchgani, Sangli (which will be expiring in next year).

Hybrid Project Developers selected by MSEDCL based on this RfS, shall set up Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Projects on Built Own Operate (BOO) basis.

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