Flywheel Multiplication: A Climate Friendly Aspiration of Indian Scientist Killed by the Government?

DR. Srinivas Bhaskar Chaganti is an Indian Scientist born in Hyderabad, he has spent over 20 years of his life working on Flywheel Power Multiplication and telling the world how clean energy can be generated at just 5 paisa a Kwh. His work has been recognized by many international agencies, but unfortunately failed to gain the recognition in his own country.

Dr. Bhaskar in an exclusive interview with Climate Samurai said, “I have written several letters to MNRE and to the PM just to show my innovation that is capable to bring revolution in the energy sector, but I never heard back. However, Prime Minister’s Office, acknowledged one of my letters and asked me to consult MNRE in May last year, but unfortunately MNRE never called me.”
Interestingly MNRE brought an amendment to National Wind-Solar Policy in August last year. In the amendment the ministry removed the word battery from relevant clauses in a bid to encourage use of other means of power storage device, the ministry emphasized on the use of pumped hydro, compressed air and flywheel technology for the power storage purposes. What made us raise eyebrows was why and how suddenly flywheel was incorporated into the amendment?
In the Interview, Dr. Bhaskar shared the pain points of Indian scientist, how difficult it is to innovate in the country, for the country.