All you need to know about MG Motors electric SUV eZS

MG Motors is gearing up to launch its first fully electric vehicle eZS in the October-December quarter, India will be the first country to get the all-electric sports utility vehicle. Here we bring you few things that you should know about MG Motors’ electric SUV eZS.

The company first showcased the all-electric SUV at the Guangzhou Motor Show in November last year.

It is expected to be priced below Rs 25 lakh in India, making it the cheapest in the segment.

MG Motors electric SUV eZS will be the company’s second model in India, following the launch of MG Hector which too is scheduled in the second half of this year.

Hyundai Kona will be the closest competitor to the eZS when both are launched in December quarter as the Korean model has the same dimension and similar power.

The eZS is longer and wider than the Kona

eZS can travel 428 kilometers on a full charge if driven at an even speed of 60 km/hour.

Kona’s mileage is around 400 km.

If reports are to be believed then it will take around 30 minutes of fast charging (direct current) to charge the eZS’s batteries up to 80 percent.

A slow charger (alternating current) will take about six hours to fully charge the vehicle.

SAIC will import the eZS as a fully built unit in the initial phase.

After looking into the response that eZs gets, MG Motors may consider switching to assembly of the vehicle to benefit from lower duties.

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