Michelin Launches New E-Wild Range for Electric Mountain Bikes

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Michelin recently launched the MICHELIN E-Wild bicycle tire that was engineered exclusively for E-mountain bike enthusiasts.

The MICHELIN E-Wild offers greater strength, performance and efficiency on electric bikes with the best features from Michelin’s Enduro line and downhill mountain bike prototype tires.

Designed to tackle tough impacts on rough terrain, the casing for the MICHELIN E-Wild’s rear tire was modeled after downhill racing prototypes to provide greater resilience, maximum strength and the ability to run at low pressures.

The front tire’s casing is identical to the Enduro line to offer robustness and excellent grip for downhill riding. Together, both MICHELIN E-Wild tires minimize energy consumption and provide longer rides on battery assisted bikes.

MICHELIN E-Wild tires enable E-mountain bike riders to go farther and faster with maximum time on the trail,” said Shane Messner, Michelin director of two-wheel for North America. “Similar to Michelin’s mountain bike tires, the new MICHELIN E-Wild was developed with expert input provided by Michelin’s community of champion riders. The latest generation of innovative compounds maximizes tread life and provides outstanding and efficient power transfer through the rear tire.”

The MICHELIN E-Wild front and rear tires are commercially available in two sizes (27.5 x 2.6 mm and 27.5 x 2.8 mm).

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