A village in UP becomes renewable energy model with 100% solar power use

A village in Uttar Pradesh’s Amroha district is presenting itself as a model for renewable energy usage with complete dependence on solar power for all its needs.

The solar-powered village in Chakanwala Panchayat named ‘Mandironwala Bhuddi’ has no electricity poles but is completely lit up using solar power.

Solar panels have been installed at every house in the village as part of government’s scheme.

While speaking to ANI, Kanwar Singh Tanwar, the MP for Amroha said, ” This area was surrounded by the Ganges and we thought of utilising the power of the river. We have installed solar panels all across the area to make the lives of people easy. We will soon start working on the project pertaining to road connectivity.”

A couple of villagers also talked about how solar power has helped to bring brightness into their area.

Speaking to ANI, Imarti, a village resident said, “This is very beneficial to us as we can do our household chores easily in the solar light.”

She also said that she will be casting her vote in the impending elections and expects that government must work towards road connectivity and development of the village.

Another woman Ramshri said, “The solar lights have come last year. Before that, all the children were living in dark. Now we need a road and bridge to get better connectivity for our village.”

Village resident Khacheru Singh said, “The life has changed a lot after the solar power was brought to the village. The facility was introduced in the village by local MP.”

The children of the village can be seen using the solar-powered lights to study in groups during night hours.

Solar panels have been installed at every house in the village as part of government’s scheme. 

Source: ANI


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