Tangedco looking to bring more power in old wind energy generators: Report

Tangedco is reportedly looking to bring more power to old wind energy generators with higher capacity and modern equipment. Tamil Nadu is one of the states that have taken major strides in wind energy generation , so some of the mills are as old as 33 years and many are below 1MW capacity. Now, new technology offers scope for installing wind turbines with a capacity of 1MW or more reports ET.

Looking into the scope of up-gradation Tangedco has asked wind power companies to come forward with proposals to rejig the mills on or before April 30. Beside the upgradation of windmills, Tangedco is also looking to go for capacity addition of sub-stations.

A senior Tangedco official speaking to the publication said “Wind power generation started in Tamil Nadu in 1986 with machines having capacity of 200KW, 225KW and 250KW. These machines have served their utility and many are still running.” The official further added “Due to technological advancement, new-generation machines are available in capacities like 750KW, 850KW, 1500KW, 2000KW and 2100KW. Earlier, wind power companies were mandated to maintain higher spacing. For repowering, this has been relaxed based on MNRE guidelines.”

Currently the wind mills are generating power at a tariff of Rs 2.75 and Rs 2.90 per unit.

The main aim of the repowering policy is to promote optimum utilisation of wind energy resources by creating facilitative framework for repowering.

All wind turbine generators would be eligible for repowering under the policy, said the official to the publication.

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