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LITO Motorcycles SORA 2.0 Electric Superbike : All you need to know

LITO Motorcycles SORA 2.0

LITO Motorcycles founded under the name LITO Green Motion in Montreal, Canada, in 2009 by Jean-Pierre Legris created the groundbreaking LITO SORA, company’s first ever electric superbike. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of LITO Motorcycles, the limited edition SORA returns this year with new features, increased range and greater performance.

  • A more powerful battery delivers 50% more range than the SORA Generation 1
  • 0-60 in 3 seconds of perfectly seamless acceleration, with a top speed of 120 mph
  • Lightweight carbon fiber components for peak performance
  • 20 limited-edition bikes meticulously handbuilt from the highest quality components
  • Winner of the Red Dot Award for design
  • Patented, exclusive electric adjustable seat
  • 5.7-inch LCD touchscreen with navigation, power and regenerative mode selection, Safe Range feature, and usage statistics

The SORA Generation 2 offers a number of significant improvements. It’s not a project, not a concept, not a rendering on the web, it’s a production motorcycle,” said Legris.

Production has started in Montreal and reservations are being accepted on the website for deliveries this summer.

The Generation 2 retains many of the exclusive features first brought to electric motorcycles by the Generation 1.

It also introduces a number of significant enhancements. While LITO produces, designs, and engineers most of the SORA — including its battery pack, electronics and software —


The SORA Generation 2 features a 3-phase permanent magnet AC motor that is liquid-cooled to prevent overheating. It also continues with a reverse mode to allow for easy maneuvering in tight spaces.

The 18 kWh battery provides 50% more range than the Generation 1, and features an integrated thermal management system, with a maximum range of 180 miles. The 3.3 kW on-board charger reduces charging time by half, to approximately 5 hours.


With 80 kW of power and constant torque of 66 ft-lb, the SORA produces instant, breathtaking, seamless acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in 3 seconds. Acceleration has been slightly improved over the Generation 1 as a result of weight savings, particularly in the Rotobox carbon wheels.


The chassis continues to be lightweight aerospace grade aluminum. A number of important enhancements, including manufacturing processes, have improved overall quality, visual appearance and motor controller cooling. The body makes use of even more carbon fiber, including the control center (what looks like a gas tank), CVT cover, front sprocket cover, belt guard and front headlight fairing. The 25-degree steering rake with 4.4 inches of trail is unchanged and ensures great responsiveness. A steering angle of 30 degrees improves turning radius.


The suspension features top-of-the-line, fully adjustable Ohlins components. The front suspension utilizes a 48 mm inverted cartridge Ohlins fork. The rear suspension employs an Ohlins cantilever monoshock with an aluminum swingarm. A significant improvement is the adoption of carbon fiber wheels developed with Rotobox, which save 25 lbs. of unsprung rotating mass. This further improves the already superior handling, steering, acceleration and throttle responsiveness. The wheels are mated to dual compound Michelin Pilot Power 120 / 70ZR17 in the front and 180 / 55ZR17 in the rear. To ensure full confidence at any speed, the SORA is equipped with some of the best brakes available in the industry. Developed with Beringer, the front features dual floating 320 mm discs, with 4-piston, 2-pad brake calipers that are radially mounted. The rear features a single floating 230 mm disc, and opposed 2-piston brake caliper. Controls and accessories such as indicators, mirrors, handlebar and brake levers are from renowned Rizoma.


SORA Generation 2 dimensions are the same as those of Generation 1. The patented, industry-exclusive electric adjustable seat allows adjustment of seat height on-the-go, from 29.5 to 33.5 in. The seat is now offered in a two-tone leather cognac/black combination. Even with the improved battery and range, the new SORA weighs 550 lbs., approximately 25 lbs. less than the Generation 1.


The SORA’s multi-functional 5.7 in. LCD touch screen offers improved graphics for instant and cumulative energy management, usage statistics, and power and regenerative braking management (Performance, Normal, Safe). It continues to offer GPS and navigation with LITO’s proprietary Safe Range feature that recommends power selection to reach one’s destination. Connectivity is Wi-Fi compatible for over-the-air update capabilities. The Motogadget speedometer is analog with numerous built-in digital features. For enhanced safety, the new SORA has an adaptive LED headlamp that lights up the interior of curves as the motorcycle leans over.


The new SORA Generation 2 is priced at $82,250 USD plus freight. LITO sells directly to its clients, with motorcycles shipped to service centers for uncrating and preparation for client home delivery. Motorcycles requiring servicing are picked up and returned to the client’s home free of charge in California and Florida. Additional service centers will be added to other states in the near future. The SORA has a 2-year warranty on the motorcycle and a 5-year warranty on the battery.