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Belnor Engineering Installs Canada’s First Transparent PV Glass Solar Window

In a major attempt to combat climate change, Belnor Engineering has installed Canada’s first transparent photovoltaic solar window at the Centre for Innovation, Technology & Entrepreneurship (CITE Facility) Seneca College’s Newnham Campus in Toronto, ON.

The cutting-edge facility is designed to bring applied research, specialized training and entrepreneurial activities all under one roof.

In an effort to bolster their sustainability initiatives, the institution decided to be the first to incorporate Onyx Solar amorphous silicon (a-Si) technology into CITE’s building envelope. Also known as a curtain-wall, this large window of 20% transparency comprises of 18 photovoltaic glass panels totaling an area of 47.4 square meters (510 square feet).

The total peak power generated from this kind of installation amounts to 1.3 Kilowatts. When analyzing the installation’s technical specs, the Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) Construction ratio is 6mm T + 3.2mm PV + 12MM Argon Chamber + 6mm T with Low-E Coating.

All in all, this installation’s multifunctional bioclimatic properties will help the facility to offset some of the HVAC and operational energy costs by generating clean, free power for the building, while providing an abundance of natural illumination, filtering out both UV and IR radiation, and providing both thermal and acoustic insulation for the building while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, thereby, shrinking the structure’s carbon footprint.

Since construction began in 2016, the $85-million project that’s financially supported by the federal and provincial governments and designed by Perkins + Will Architects Canada has come a long way.

The installation was completed in December 2018 and has been approved by UL Canada and the Local Electrical Safety Authority (ESA).

Some of Belnor Engineering’s major site installations currently underway and soon due for completion include the national Canadian Science & Technology Museum in Ottawa, ON, the North York Civic Centre in Toronto, ON, the Block 31 Development in Toronto, ON, and Enexpro in Montreal, QC.

For 30+ years, Belnor Engineering is a Toronto-based engineering firm that offers HVAC, lab & building automation, and renewable energy products, solutions, and services to all major universities, hospitals, institutions, buildings, and companies.

Onyx Solar BIPV 100% customizable glass solutions are available in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes, and transparencies, and can be installed at various orientations and tilts to suit your project’s needs Leading companies have chosen Onyx Solar PV glass for their projects for acclaimed final customers such as Apple Inc, Samsung, Novartis, and Pfizer.