Ather Energy inaugurates experience center Ather Space at Chennai

Ather Energy recently inaugurated experience center named as Ather Space at Chennai.
The company in a statement said that Ather Space has been designed to educate customers about electric vehicles while providing a holistic experience in an interactive space.
The company inaugurated its first experience center in Bengaluru in June last year. Here, people can ride the Ather 450 and understand the product and features before pre-ordering it.
Customers can also book test ride slots on the website prior to visiting the experience center. Apart from seeing the key components of the scooter, people can learn and interact with the connected features through a digital display.
“Our experience centers are places where people can experience the scooters, understand our drive to build high-performance electric vehicles, and be a part of the electric future. Our stores are managed by engineers who are product specialists,” said Ravneet Phokela, Chief Business Officer, Ather Energy.
Ather began the installation of its Ather Grid points in Chennai on May and so far has ten fast charging points. These charging points can be found in Forum Vijaya Mall, offices like AtWorks and cafes, restaurants, and even grocery stores. To encourage adoption of EVs in the city, Ather Energy will provide free charging at Ather Grid till December for all electric 4Ws & 2Ws and will add 40-50 more charging points to their network.

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