India gifts two electric vehicles to Pashupati Temple Trust, Nepal

The government of India on Wednesday gifted two electric vehicles to Pashupati Area Development Trust (PADT) in Nepal to help elderly pilgrims and differently-abled visiting the holy temple.

After handing over the eco-friendly vehicles, manufactured by India’s Gayam Motor Works, Namrita Puri, president of Indian Women’s Association (IWA) in Kathmandu said that the vehicles will also create employment opportunities for two women.

“Handing over of e-vehicles will be another milestone in strengthening cultural and religious ties between people of India and Nepal and bringing people of the two countries closer,” Puri stressed.

The IWA is an organisation under the patronage of Embassy of India that provides a common and friendly meeting ground for Indian women residing in Nepal.

It provides a forum for the interaction with Nepali women and works to promote goodwill and friendship between the Indian and Nepali community.

The IWA organises philanthropic activities to benefit women and children in Nepal. Recently, it has organised charitable events with Nava Indradhanus English Boarding School in Kathmandu, Koseli Foundation, Bal Sarathi, Nepali Snehi Kaakha and Bhaktapur Cancer Hospital.

The two 8 seater electric vehicles with high-end Lithium-ion batteries were handed over to Pradip Dhakal, Member-Secretary of the PADT.

The PADT is established to conserve and operate the Pashupatinath Temple and adjoining Area, which is enlisted as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

Source: PTI

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