Goa get cabinet’s approval to buy solar power from NTPC for next three years

The cabinet has reportedly approved the extension of PPA with NTPC for purchase of solar power by three years in Goa.

According to reports the lower tariff of Rs 5.5 per unit has been negotiated as against the earlier Rs 7.99 per unit.

As per the directives of the JERC it is mandatory for the electricity department to purchase a defined percentage of its power from renewable sources, including solar and non-solar.

The earlier five-year contract ended on August 22 reports TOI.

The cost for the renewed contract period is Rs 20.6 crore.

An official speaking to the publication said the decision to extend the contract with NVVNL was taken since there was no response to its tender floated in March to meet the target of solar renewable purchase obligation (RPO) for 2019-20 of 187 million units (MUs) even after the last date to receive bids was extended.

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