Oizom partners with CISCO and MedBus for Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona


Ahmedabad based Oizom is an Environmental IoT company. Offering end-to-end solutions using our environmental data monitoring and Analytics capabilities.

Oizom solutions are developed for various Government, Commercial and Industrial applications.

Their focus is on applications related to Smart-Infra and Environmental management. In Smart-Infra, the company have solutions for Smart-city, Smart Campus, Airports and Highways.

Wherein Environmental Management, Oizom have solutions for effective dust-suppression and odour-treatment at Landfills and Waste-water-treatment facilities. 

Recently Oizom co-exhibited the Smart Environmental Solution capability with Cisco in World SmartCity Expo in Barcelona.

“The prime focus of the exhibition was to showcase our joint capability of enabling Sustainable Development for Smart cities.” – Says Jainam Mehta, Chief Marketing Officer

Live demonstration of Oizom Environmental Monitoring Solution running on the Cisco CKC platform for Indian Smartcity projects like Kakinada & Varanasi drawn the attention of the smart city ecosystem. In addition, Oizom’s Initiative of acquiring Environmental Data from various cities through Cisco BD Medibus was also exhibited at the Expo.

Such valuable big data collected from various locations enables Oizom to establish the correlation between Environment and Healthcare Conditions of Cities.

In a short span of 4 years, Oizom’s solutions are live at 400+ locations, monitoring the environmental health of more than 10 million people worldwide. Oizom solutions are actively monitoring the environmental conditions of 8 Smart Cities in India, and live in 12 global cities like Mumbai, Delhi, London, Tokyo, Istanbul, Riyadh and more.

Oizom boasts its solution deployed at some of the most auspicious sites globally like national tourism capital, Agra, the spiritual capital of India, Varanasi and Abdul Aziz Tunnel which leads to the Holy city of Mecca.

“Today 9 out of 10 people are exposed to polluted air. We have a choice with water and food, but we have no choice on the air we breathe! Despite such a severe issue, we can not do much about it! Because lack of information(data) is the biggest bottleneck. So making a scalable data-monitoring and analytics solution was the urgency of the time.” – Says Ankit Vyas CEO at Oizom.

Oizom is currently expanding geographically across the Middle East and Europe and enhancing their AI & ML capabilities to offer higher data accuracy and making the environment predictable and understandable.