National Energy Conservation Day: TVS Motor Company, Tata Technologies, GP Petroleums and Mahindra

14th of December is celebrated as the national energy conservation day by the people all over the India. It is celebrated to sensitize people about the importance of energy as well as conserving energy by lowering wastage.

Efficient use of energy is necessary to store energy for future use. The actual meaning of energy conservation is to avoid unnecessary use of energy and to use the least possible quantity of energy so that energy sources can be saved for future uses.

Fossil fuels, Crude oil, Coal, natural gas and etc generate sufficient energy for use in daily life but increasing demand creates the fear of reducing or diminishing the natural resources. On top of that these fossil fuels are creating environmental pollution which is of grave concern.

The only way in replacing the non-renewable resources of energy with the renewable energy is energy conservation. Here is what the industry said on the National Energy Conservation Day.

TV Motor Company

“TVS Motor Company is committed to support the green mobility initiative by developing suitable technology, products and business solutions.  During 2018-19, the Company had invested Rs. 8.79 Cr towards optimization of compressor, fuel conversion from HSD to Propane for in paint process application and in implementation of various energy saving projects for energy efficiency as well as for reduction of carbon foot print. With this Clean Development Mechanism [CDM], the renewable power contributes to 60% in overall share of power. These initiatives of renewable energy resulted in CO2 emissions reduction of about 50,000 tons during 2018-19.

The Company is planning to invest around Rs.6 Cr during 2019-20 to enhance solar, wind power under ‘Group Captive Mode’ and for implementing other planned energy efficiency measures. Some of the future course of action for energy conservation include- development of new technologies for reduction of emission and reduction of CO2 to meet future emission norms; development of new technologies, materials and processes for enhanced environmental sustainability; development of technologies including alternative materials, weight reduction, cost reduction and improvement of fuel economy; development of new technologies in the areas of Hybrid and Electric power trains. TVS Motor’s EHS Policy, is committed to combat climate change by improving energy efficiency and use of renewable energy.”

JK Gupta, Chief Financial Officer, Tata Technologies:

“At Tata Technologies, we are committed to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) and seek to integrate environmental and social principles into our Core business, thereby ensuring long-term stakeholder value creation. Through our vision of Engineering a better world, we help our customers realize better products which are greener and safer. As a prominent Global Engineering Service Provider, our innovations in full vehicle design, lightweighting, electric vehicle programs and smart manufacturing help our clients reduce the carbon foot print of their products and their operations thereby contributing to the overall sustainability objective. Furthermore, we have integrated sustainability in our operations through smarter facilities focussed on energy conservation, water conservation, waste management, and improving overall green forest cover through tree plantations. On National Energy Conservation Day, we call on the entire ecosystem – industry, academia, researchers, government and policy makers, to collaborate and innovate together so as to reduce the impact of climate change and create a better world.”

Prashanth Achar, Chief Executive Officer, GP Petroleums Ltd:

“There’s no better occasion than World Energy Conservation Day to underline the importance of responsible energy consumption for a sustainable future. As players in the automotive and industrial lubricants sector, we are sincerely dedicated, to continue introducing products bearing in mind this objective. Our low viscosity synthetic engine oils help reduce friction at a wide range of operating temperatures and increase efficiency. Our range of high performance semi-synthetic cutting coolants, semisynthetic heat transfer oil, Aluminium based  performance greases and ester based neat cutting oils help in reducing energy consumption and carbon footprints.We at GP Petroleums understand how significant a demand process and manufacturing equipment places on total energy consumption. Over the years, we have been introducing ever greater levels of efficiency into our operations pushing down our energy demand. It’s an ongoing process, however, and we continue to strive to make our processes as efficient as they can possibly be.”

Mahindra Holidays & Resorts:

“At Mahindra Holidays & Resorts (MHRIL), we strive to save energy through incorporating various sustainable initiatives in our operations. MHRIL is the first hospitality company in India to sign on the global campaign, RE100 led by The Climate Group to achieve the target to power 100% of its global operations with renewable electricity by 2050. In 2016, MHRIL had signed on EP100, committing to doubling energy productivity by 2030 from a baseline year of 2008-09. We have also installed solar panels, energy meters, and timers to bakery ovens and high load equipment to control the usage of electricity. These targets will help to reduce emission, eradicate waste and optimize consumption of natural resources in our sustainability roadmap.”

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