Tesla cars will be new Talking Tom ?

Yes! You heard it right , Tesla cars will now talk to passers-by. The founder of the company Elon Musk on twitter teased plans to let Tesla cars “talk” to pedestrians through external speakers.

However, he didn’t reveal how it will work, but the feature appears to at least support prerecorded clips.

This talking tom like feature may not be for many older Tesla cars, and it’s not clear if users will get to either speak directly to people outside or send automated speech.

However, this new feature when integrated can be helpful both for convenience and as a safety measure.

With this talking feature one can alert an inattentive pedestrian without taking the time to open your window, or deter a would-be intruder without either honking your horn or exposing yourself to added danger.

This feature can also be used to wish or make people giggle as you roll past.

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