COVID 19 effect- while Homo sapiens are locked, wilds moves freely in India (pics and videos)

While the nature is rejuvenating amid the Covid-19 outbreak, and almost all homo sapiens are staying inside their houses due to the lockdown. People are practicing social distancing now. One the busy streets of metropolitan cities have now become empty and pollution.

Apparently, many wild animals have taken down the streets and have been spotted roaming freely and enjoying the cool breeze near sea shore. Instances of animals venturing out in the cities are on a rise.

Many people around the globe shared images of the rare and wild species  on social networking site, while commenting on how the lack of humans had allowed animals and birds to return.

Here are some of the images and videos doing the rounds in India shared by social media enthusiasts. These pics and video will definitely warmup your heart even in this time of crisis. This also proves that while we are under lockdown, our mother nature is rejuvenating slowly. (All Photos and video: Twitter/Instagram).

Thousands of olive ridley turtles seen nesting on the beaches of Odisha, while their normal predators (humans) are in quarantine.

In Sector 18 of Noida, outside the Great India Place Mall, a Nilgai or a blue bull was spotted walking leisurely on the road. Known as the largest Asian antelope, the Nilgai is native to the subcontinent.

Endangered Malabar large-spotted civet seen roaming on the streets of Kozhikode in Kerala in absence of human interference.

video of an elephant family crossing a road in Uttrakhand has surfaced on the internet and it has left the netizens amazed.

Peacock seen dancing on empty streets of Mumbai amid lockdown.

Dolphins were spotted at the famous Marine Drive in Mumbai taking playful dips in the water.

Sambar deer Videographed at Zebra crossing in Chandigarh. This city has good numbers of Sambar deer.

For more interesting pics and videos stay tuned! We will keep updating this space. Do not forget to contribute towards mother nature once the lockdown is over, it just started healing and be generous towards other species.