Coronavirus Crisi: Amplus Solar extends help to the Villagers In Mirzapur providing ration.

The global pandemic has severely shaken the world and has had catastrophic effects on livelihood of millions across the globe. It would not be wrong to say that in case of India, the maximum brunt of the unprecedented scenario is being faced by the poor labourers and daily wage workers.

Amidst these dark times when life as we know it has come to a slow-down, citizens and corporates are uniting to provide rays of hope which can better the situation of the people in dire circumstances.

Amplus Solar is one such organisation that came forward for the community of Gurudev Nagar village in Mirzapur district when the situations worsened for the people due to inability to commute to procure common essentials.

The village is situated in a remote area harboring around 350 people. Amplus reached out to these families in need by providing them ration.  The distribution was carried out in association of the District Magistrate and with the help of the local police.

 The village is in the vicinity of Uttar Pradesh’ first Open Access Solar park of 75 MWp owned by Amplus.

 This was in continuation of Amplus’ efforts to contribute to the local community and not just provide green energy through setting up and operation of Solar park.

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