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Watch: Tesla Model S Long Range Plus updated, here is what you should know

Tesla Model S Long Range Plus is now available with 402 miles (EPA est.) of range.

It is the first electric vehicle to receive a rating of over 400 miles from the agency. With additional range and regular over-the-air software updates, Model S Long Range Plus is a better value than ever starting at $74,990.

“All Model S cars made since late Jan have 402 mile range,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in a tweet.

Until recently, the EPA-rated range of the Model S Long Range Plus was 391 miles, but this had been a source of contention between Tesla and the EP Tesla has detailed the improvements that have allowed the car to break the 400-mile barrier.

These include weight reductions in components like the car’s battery pack, more aerodynamic wheels, and using more efficient drive units.

Regenerative braking improvements also mean more energy gets sent back to the car’s battery pack while driving.

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