Ampere Electric Launches battery subscription plan starting Rs 1990 with Autovert Technologies

Ampere Vehicles has announced its partnership with Autovert Technologies, a Fintech that specializes in EV subscriptions products.


The collaboration leads to a launch of a unique Battery subscription plan through an IOT backed platform, that will make electric scooters even more affordable. Starting with a few select dealers in Bangalore, the approach will be replicated nationwide.

The distinctive battery subscription plan, is one of its kind to be made available in India which substantially reduces the cost of vehicle acquisition & provides alternative choice to the buyers who get more than usual financing option.

With this customized subscription plan, today a customer can now choose to ride home its recently launched comfortable large e scooter Magnus Pro by paying as less as Rs. 49,990 (Ex-showroom price Rs. 73,990), whilst opting for a monthly battery subscription of Rs. 1,990.

With the partnership, the company is not only aiming to reduce customer’s anxiety about the lifecycle management of the battery, but also providing a whole lot of vehicle benefits- which includes extended warranty of 5 years along with full vehicle insurance, full vehicle service & maintenance for 24 months, attractive upgrade options, discounts on replacement battery and much more.

 Additionally, full vehicle subscription plans are also available for the Magnus Pro and Zeal models, starting at Rs. 2,777/ month one of the best plans in the Industry. This marks new beginning for Ampere electric scooter purchase, where the buyers can now opt for easy subscription plans, use vehicle for commuting, save extensively on overall ownership cost & the planet too.

Later the customer can upgrade to another Ampere scooter very easily, a phenomenon which is very common in ownership of consumer durable gadgets.

Commenting on the partnership, P Sanjeev, COO, Ampere Vehicles said, “We are happy to partner with Autovert Technologies to introduce this unique battery subscription plan. With this association clubbed with special Ampere freedom offers, we are aiming to make Ampere Vehicles more affordable and accessible for the consumer.”

Speaking on this announcement, Vinay Sharma, Co-founder and CTO of Autovert said. “The Battery subscription is possible, given the modular nature of the EV, which lends itself to decoupling the battery from the vehicle and specific services offered around its lifecycle. The EV ecosystem demands an alternative ownership model in order to drive faster adoption amongst an emerging customer base and we are happy to be in the forefront of this with our products and partners like Ampere to take it market.”

As India is preparing to transform 30% of automotive sales into e-mobility by 2030, it is important to concentrate on each component separately to enable faster adoption of EV in the country.

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