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Inverted Energy launches India made batteries for EVs, homes

Battery maker Inverted Energy has launched a new range of indigenously designed and engineered lithium batteries that are 20 per cent more efficient than the ones currently in the market claims the company.

This new range, which will be manufactured at the company’s facility in Okhla, has various applications including electric vehicles, solar plants, home storage and utility power.

Initially, these batteries will be given to selected electric vehicle manufacturers and solar projects and in the coming months will be rolled out for home users as well. These will be one of the first lithium batteries for home usage.

The lithium storage batteries bring big advantages over regular lead-acid batteries being used in Indian households. These batteries not only are light in weight and smaller in dimensions, they charge in less than half the time and last up to five-time as long. Importantly, Lithium batteries do not spill acid or emit fumes that makes them safe for indoor use.

“These batteries will be a step towards the future in which energy storage systems will be created and manufactured in India completely,” said Gurfaraaz Singh, Head of Innovation & Design.

Inverted Energy is applying for multiple patents related to the design as these will be the world’s first batteries to incorporate these innovations. The batteries would be manufactured entirely in India. These will be available in the market once the patents are filed.

Source: IANS