WDO signs a MoU CASIS to Benefit Planet Earth Through International Space Station Research

The World Design Organization (WDO) has signed a MoU with the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS), manager of the International Space Station (ISS) U.S. National Laboratory, to explore research opportunities in low Earth orbit that may benefit WDO-driven initiatives.

The ISS is a one-of-a-kind space-based platform that provides unique research opportunities not possible on Earth.

The orbiting laboratory hosts a wide variety of research and technology development projects that are applicable to initiatives WDO is passionate about, including, but not limited to, the monitoring of natural resources and disasters, drug and vaccine development, and inspiring the next generation.

To build on this newly signed MoU, WDO will host a virtual two-week design challenge workshop, Design in Space for Life on Earth, wherein space industry leaders and researchers will join together with designers to explore potential solutions to three key questions:

  • How can space-based research address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals?
  • How can we build an orbital university?
  • How can the ISS become a business incubator?

The virtual workshop is slated to take place 28 September – 9 October 2020. CASIS representatives will support the workshop as advisors by offering insight into the research and technology development capabilities available on the ISS.

WDO is accepting expressions of interest to be part of the workshop’s select group of thought leaders that will help push the limits of science and innovation to improve our planet.

Designers and professionals with expertise and/or interest in space-based research can submit an application no later than 7 September 2020, 11:59 p.m. EDT. 

“WDO is reaching new heights with the establishment of this MoU with CASIS, as we seek avenues to leverage the ISS National Lab to benefit our planet. As we embark on this new design challenge, we look forward to bringing design thinking and a new perspective to address challenging questions and enhance the research portfolio of the ISS National Lab,” stated WDO President, Srini Srinivasan.

“This is an opportunity to leverage industrial design to go beyond the limits of Earth to solve real problems facing our planet today. In order to evolve, the design community must continue to learn from other disciplines and widen our understanding of what design can do. Through this collaboration, we look forward to seeing the inspired conversations and innovative solutions that emerge,” he added.

Upon completion of this workshop, and based on the outcomes, WDO intends to develop spaceflight projects that may fly to the orbiting laboratory under the sponsorship of the ISS National Lab.