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We see Tesla reaching 20 Million vehicles per year probably before 2030: Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Monday replying to a tweet said the company will reach  production capacity of 20M vehicles per year probably before 2030.

Musk said that it will require consistently excellent execution.

Last year the company made 365,000 vehicles, so the figure is 50 times more than numbers of vehicles made in 2019.

In the quarter to December 2019, it achieved record production of almost 105000 vehicles.

Musk in a tweet also shared that he expects electric vehicle market to produce 30 million plus new vehicles within 6 to 7 years. He added that reaching the target in five years is possible but unlikely.

Elon Musk in an email to Tesla staffs said the electric vehicles company could post a record quarter for the three months to September if staff rallied.