Global Managing Director at Accenture -Scott Pharr joins Magenta Board of Advisors

Scott Pharr, Global Managing Director at Accenture, has joined the Magenta Board of Advisors, bringing his industry-leading thought leadership, business insights and global experience to help the company strategize on the expansion of its business.

Pharr, based out of Houston, Texas, has more than 25 years of Energy Industry experience as a senior advisor to the C-suite, guiding his clients through many ambitious enterprise-wide transformations.

Throughout his career, he has observed the global shift from a traditional energy market to renewables and clean mobility, and he has developed a passion for sustainability.

He takes up his advisory role in a personal capacity, given that Accenture has no direct interests in Magenta. 

Following its seeding by HPCL and support under the Shell E4 cohort, Magenta was recently selected by Microsoft for its global startup program.

The company has also been developing India-specific EV charging solutions since 2017 and is now regarded as a “socket to software” solutions provider.

Scott Pharr, Global Managing Director at Accenture

Scott Pharr, Managing Director at Accenture, said, “Having experience of more than two decades in the energy space, I have worked in association with many multi-nationals and entrepreneurs, and I have seen the energy ecosystem grow. Magenta is a promising start-up that has been showing tremendous growth and innovations in the EV and renewables space in India. It will be a pleasure to provide insight to the team to help them grow their footprint beyond India.”

 “In his position as a global advisor to Fortune 100 clients in the Energy Industry, and his vast experience in energy transition, Scott will help guide and shape Magenta’s clean energy innovation agenda and will support our ‘Made in India, made for the world’-themed international push.” said Maxson Lewis, Managing Director at Magenta.