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Over 100 models approved by Delhi Govt. for subsidy under new EV policy

The Delhi government has approved more than 100 models of vehicles, including 45 makes of e-rickshaw and 12 of four-wheelers, for subsidy under the new electric vehicles policy, Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot said on Friday.

“Vehicles priced up to ₹15 lakh will be eligible for the purchase incentive(subsidy), besides exemption of road tax and registration fee. Electric vehicles having a price over ₹15 lakh will not get subsidy but will be eligible for road tax and registration fee exemptions,” he told a press conference.

The minister launched a website having details of approved models, dealers, subsidy disbursal process as well as the network of 70 charging stations across the city.

The 100 approved models of electric vehicles include 45 of e-rickshaws, 14 of two-wheelers and 12 of four-wheelers.

He also said 36 manufacturers have been registered with a network of 98 dealers across the city.

Gahlot said that the whole process of subsidy payment will be online. Anyone purchasing an electric vehicle will require sales invoice of the vehicle, his aadhaar number and a cancelled cheque to claim the subsidy.

The dealer will process the subsidy claim on his end through the website.

The claims will be verified by the motor licensing officers concerned and forwarded to banks for subsidy payment.

The minister said the subsidy will be applicable from August 7, 2020 when the policy was notified.

Road tax and registration fee exemptions will be applicable from October 10 and October 15, when the respective notifications were issued, he said.

At each stage of processing of subsidy claim, from the dealer to the bank, the buyers will receive updates through SMS, he said.

Under its EV policy, the Delhi government will give incentive of up to ₹30,000 for two-wheelers, autos, e-rickshaws and goods carriers while a subsidy of ₹1.5 lakh will be provided for purchase of electric cars, officials said.

The subsidy amount will be credited in the account of the buyer of e-vehicle within three days, they said.