Radiance Renewables chooses Prescinto to monitor its solar asset portfolio performance

Prescinto Technologies, data platform used to improve performance of solar energy assets, has announced that Radiance Renewables a developer of cost-efficient, renewable energy solutions for commercial, industrial and residential customers, will be leveraging Prescinto as its primary monitoring and performance analytics software partner. Prescinto’s unique ability to aggregate data from all types of energy sources into one single analytics platform will enable Radiance to monitor its solar asset portfolio efficiently

Prescinto will provide an Enterprise level software to Radiance Renewables that will collect renewable energy plant data, apply data science models to identify causes of underperformance & suggest work-orders to the plant crew to rectify problems and increase generation. 

By aggregating all project data on a single analytics platform, Prescinto will help Radiance improve the productivity, quality and the consistency of their asset management process.

Speaking on the partnership,  Amit Kumar Mittal, SVP & Head of Operations at Radiance Renewables  said, “We have chosen Prescinto to be our Digital Partner for our solar asset portfolio that we intend to expand aggressively in the coming 2-3 years. Prescinto was onboarded after a rigorous selection process that included both national & international players. Prescinto’s advanced analytics tools allow problems to be identified at portfolio, plant & device level. Another distinguishing feature that was in favour of the Prescinto platform was its customized dashboards & reporting tools/technology. Our association with them so far has been seamless & we would continue to partner with them in our growth aspirations.”

Puneet Jaggi, Founder and CEO at Prescinto said, “At Prescinto, we believe in unlocking the true potential of people and assets through actionable intelligence using our deep understanding of the Clean Energy domain and technology. While the industry is at the data capture and visualization stage, Prescinto provides actionable intelligence to improve generation and RoI based on advanced analytics and Big Data. Instead of being a cost centre to the CIO, Prescinto acts as a profit centre to the CEO. We are excited to partner with Radiance Renewables and help them in their digital transformation seamlessly.”

With its patent pending platform, Prescinto conducts root cause analysis on generation loss and provides actionable intelligence to improve generation resulting in higher RoI for plant operators/owners. The platform also provides a unified interface, Computerized Maintenance & Management System (CMMS), for capturing status on action items, accessing document repository and capturing non sensor data points.

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