National Pollution Control Day: Make these 4 products a part of your daily routine

Air pollution has been a cause of concern now for many years with several Indian cities reporting AQI levels that are off the chart. Not a record we should be celebrating. This time of the year is particularly difficult for citizens with the winter setting in, Diwali crackers adding to pollution and in 2020 the pandemic has further added to the suffering. In fact, a study, published in the journal Cardiovascular Research estimates exposure to air pollution increases COVID-19 deaths by 15% worldwide.

While the Government along with social media and mainstream media is helping us be aware of the situation, it is an individual responsibility to make some lifestyle changes and introduce products that can control the negative impact on our health and the environment.

  1. The indoor savior – Air Purifiers: Since most of our time is right now being spent indoors, it is important to first take care of indoor pollution. So, what better than the technologically advanced air-purifiers that come in varied shapes and sizes and are portable to be moved across rooms. They are effective in cleaning out particulate matters, volatile organic compounds, chemicals, germs, dust, smoke and more. The HEPA filters in most residential air purifiers are certified to capture 99.97 percent of particles that are 0.3 microns in diameter.
  2. Adopt cycling for change: Cycling is not a new concept but definitely the one that has long been not used to its full potential. Covid-19 acted as a catalyst resulting in the fast adoption of cycling as a lifestyle activity in India, a culture seen in many parts of the world including Europe. Adopting a cycling culture needs to be a conscious choice, one which is motivated by a greater awareness of its benefits to our environment. With the Government initiatives like Delhi EV Policy and Smart Cities mission, sustainable offerings like Electric bicycles have become a present reality. 

Ajit Gandhi, Vice President- Sales & Marketing, AlphaVector, said, “Cycling is no longer just a means to an end. A 2018 TERI report stated that India can save ₹27 billion in fuel and ₹241 billion due to reduced air pollution if 50 percent of two-wheeler and four-wheeler trips (within eight kilometres) are replaced with cycle journeys. Imagine the impact it would have overall. It is time for us to think of our health and the air we breathe and do our bit.” 

  1. Mask to the rescue: Masks have become a daily part of our lives with the pandemic. As the lockdown lifts, stepping out is inevitable and masks are an effective way to keep yourself protected from harmful particles. While there are no conclusive studies, N95 and N99 masks are able to prevent PM 2.5 and smaller particles from entering the body by almost 95 percent and 99 percent respectively.
  2. Natural purification – Air Purifying Bags: Activated charcoal is a more natural and non-electric way of cleansing indoor air. Acting as a filter for your air Activated charcoal can remove volatile organic compounds, odors and help to control humidity. Its benefits are now easily accessible with several brands packaging activated charcoal in linen bags. Moreover, you can also opt for purifying plants like Peace Lily and place it indoors as it requires very little water or sunlight.

There is a dire need to create awareness and do our bit to build a sustainable environment around us. Let’s take an initiative and encourage our community to follow.


Ajit Gandhi

VP Sales & Marketing| AlphaVector