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Watch this mermaid protest to highlight plastic waste crisis at Bali’s beaches

The beginning of New Year did not really went well for people living in Bali, at-least not for locals near Bali’s famous beaches.

The New Year began on a tormenting note as tons of plastic waste washed ashore and piled up which kept the locals busy in cleanliness drives.

In between all these mess cleaning drive, a woman found a unique and innovative way to register her protest and draw attention to the garbage.

The woman dressed in ‘mermaid’ costume to protest is now a internet sensation and winning hearts on social media.

The woman wearing the costume was seen lying in between huge pile of plastic waste that washed ashore, with this she highlighted the sorry state of the beaches in Indonesia, particularly Bali.

Several environmentalists, agencies and nature lovers started talking about the unique photo making it viral. Bali-based freelance photographer Wayan Suyadnya captured the sorry state of the beach and images of Laura, an ocean advocate from Belgium, posing amid the trash at Bali’s famous Kuta Beach.

Laura said just recycling and cleaning is not a permanent solution to plastic pollution. This is going to keep happening until the polluters STOP MANUFACTURING and selling things we use for minutes, that pollute the ocean and environment for centuries.

In fact, using her photos, she called out big corporations like Coca Cola, Pepsico, Unilever, Nestle among others and asked them to be responsible and stop manufacturing trash.

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