Budget 2021 Reaction: Dinesh Patidar, Chairman and MD, Shakti Pumps India

Dinesh Patidar, Chairman & Managing Director, Shakti Pumps India Ltd

Dinesh Patidar, Chairman & Managing Director, Shakti Pumps India Ltd sharing his views on the Budget 2021 said : “In this budget visionary approach has been adopted, health services have been given more emphasis keeping in mind the circumstances arising out of pandemic like COVID-19. The basic need of almost all sectors has been taken into consideration. Emphasis has been laid on making the complex taxation process easier and simpler.”

He said “Steel and copper prices which are going up unnecessarily, to curb on it Custom Duty has been reduced by 2.5%  and 20% Custom Duty has been imposed on solar inverter, realizing the dream of Make in India along with making Indian power electronics units self-sufficient is a welcome step. This time most of the focus is on the formation of a regulatory institution, So that the functioning of those organizations can be made smoother.”

“Financial assistance given to financial institutions has made to make contribution more supportive in development. One expected & necessary thing in budget, change in taxation for middle class is missing. Going forward we expect more reforms in GST through mini budgets. Overall, this budget will prove beneficial for the improvement of the far-reaching economy,” added Patidar.

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