The sheer loss of biodiversity, in large part due to human actions is huge: Amit Banka, Wenaturalists


May 22 is marked as the International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) globally to celebrate natural diversity and spread awareness. Like every year a slogan has been selected to sets the tone of the campaign. To celebrate this year’s International biodiversity days the slogan is “We’re part of the solution”.

Amit Banka, Founder & CEO, Wenaturalists sharing his views on the occasion said “There’s been a 68% average decline in global populations of mammals, birds, fishes, amphibians and reptiles in the last 50 years. The sheer loss of biodiversity, in large part due to human actions, is huge. It’s time for us to take corrective steps. We have to be a part of the solution. Let’s never take for granted that we’re completely dependent on vibrant and thriving ecosystems for water, food and shelter. We have a vested interest in it. And hence, we need to take small and big steps and opt for a sustainable lifestyle. Be it adopting reusing, recycling and reducing in order to conserve natural resources. Or being mindful of the food on our plate, our travel decisions, fashion choices and more. At the same time, larger pledges by public and private stakeholders to protect land and water are the need of the hour. We need to take tough decisions and implement measures for investing in nature-based solutions, protecting endangered species, eliminating overfishing, etc. Sustainable development is key to protecting our biodiversity.”

He added “At WeNaturalists we want to bring nature professionals and organizations together to create a larger impact by coming together to find solutions, create awareness and much more. For Nature. For Everyone. The time is now!”