World Environment Day 2021: The First Step -Finding Someone Who Will Save the Mother Earth

The First Step - Finding Someone Who Will Save The Mother Earth

“World Environment Day” is celebrated annually on 5 June. It has been a platform for raising awareness on environmental issues such as global warming, climate change, marine pollution and wildlife crime. It is for public outreach, with participation from 150 countries.

On the occasion The First Step is organizing an event on evergreen floral and faunal era “Finding someone Who Will Save The Mother Earth“

Hasini Lakshmi Narayanan Founder The First Step , Youtuber ,TEDx Speaker , Freelance Writer The Hindu In school and Reporter Brainfeed High Magazine and  Riyad Maroof Hassan Founder , The Clippers will be hosting the event.

Dr. Atya Kapley an environmentalist working in environmental genomics at CSIR-NEERI  and Kimberly Ray Founder and CEO of Marine Conservation Network Santa Barbara, California, United States will also join the young Climate Samuraies.

Another set of youngsters promoting the values of biodiversity coming up at the event are–  

Alosha Samaraarachchi, Young marine biologist at YMBA(UK) Ambassador Marine Conservation Network, Santa Barbara- California, Global Youth Shark Ambassador El Porto Shark, International Youth Ambassadors at School Broadcasting Network Inc

Prasiddhi Singh,  Founder , Prasiddhi Forest Foundation , Highest Civilian Honour Recipient| Save Girl Campaign Brand Ambassador| Fruit Forest Creator| Earth Day Network Rising Star

VINISHA UMASHANKAR Innovator , Talks Earth Day Network “Rising Star” (USA), Children’s Climate Prize (Sweden), Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam IGNITE Award

Sri Nihal Tammana. Founder of Recycle My Battery | Environmentalist | Point of Light Award | One in a Million Award | NJ Governor’s Award | NJDEP Recycling Award | Citizens Award | Global Kids Achiever Award

The event is organised by The First Step in association with Chennai Institute of Technology and  Brainfeed Magazine and Climate Samurai as Media Partner and Skill Shark EduTech as a Knowledge Partner.