Indian mountaineer scales Mt Everest using eco-friendly means,: Report

Indian mountaineer Harshvardhan Joshi has achieved the rare feat of scaling the world’s highest peak, Mt Everest, using eco-friendly means, according to a media report on Monday. Joshi, 24, a resident of Navi Mumbai, completed the expedition on May 23, The Himalayan Times reported.

He was part of a three-member team of Satori Adventure Everest Expedition.

The other members were Nepalis Furte Sherpa and Anup Rai, Managing Director at Satori Adventure Rishi Bhandari told the newspaper.

Bhandari said the expedition was one-of-a-kind as the team did not burn non-renewable fuel for heating and other purposes.

Joshi and his team used mobile solar panels for heating. Generally, expedition teams carry diesel for use.

Joshi and his team are yet to reach Kathmandu as they encountered storms and some delay due to COVID-19 restrictions during their climb down, the report said.

Mumbai-based Chirag Rural Development Foundation representatives said Joshi has promised to install solar power systems in the remote villages of the Himalayas in Nepal.

Chirag Rural Development Foundation (CRDF) provides eco-friendly lighting solutions in rural areas. Founder of CRDF Pratibha Pai said: “We congratulate him (Joshi), as he shines in the reflection of ‘green glory’. Harsh has conquered Everest benevolently and graciously — choosing a sustainable path to fulfill his dream and using renewable and clean solar power to protect the mountains.”