India E-Mobility Show

Hop OXO: test unit runs on road in Jaipur ahead of the official launch

Hop OXO and electric scooter

HOP Electric, the homegrown electric vehicle manufacturer as part of its product development program, has rolled out and started testing its soon-to-be-launched high-performance EV-Bike on roads in Jaipur. 

The company is also gearing up to launch a new electric scooter alongside the HOP OXO, it was also spotted on Jaipur roads during test runs.

Electric bikes don’t speed as fast as regular bikes! The e-bike designs are just not great! Petrol bikes are much more powerful than e-bikes!— So many misconceptions and half-baked truths are going around about electric vehicles. Some people say they are not as powerful as their conventional counterparts. Others say that the electric bike are lightweight and doesn’t seem to maintain balance, but this is absolutely untrue. 

Defying such myths around EVs, the camouflaged ‘HOP OXO’ bike zips at a speed of over 80/90 Kmph, picking that pace in less than half a minute.

The bike swiftly accelerates without making any sound and creating pollution, the fast and silent hi-tech ev-bike will soon be hitting the Indian roads, said the company in a statement.

HOP OXO is a promising, 21st-century product laced with almost every feature that a quintessential young biker wants.

If you too are an e-bike enthusiast keep an eye on Hop’s upcoming launches.