Carbon Clean launches industrial carbon capture solution CycloneCC

Carbon Clean has launched the smallest industrial carbon capture solution – CycloneCC. The company in a statement said that the innovation is a breakthrough for the sector – bringing the technology within reach of many more and shifting the economics of carbon capture.

The size of carbon capture technology has been a significant barrier to adoption. Earlier this month, a Decarb Connect survey of hard-to-abate industries – Scaling up CCUS – market insights – found that space remains a major concern and that industries need to be able to integrate carbon capture solutions within their existing footprint.

CycloneCC has a footprint that will be ten times smaller than conventional carbon capture, making it easily deployable in less than 8 weeks.

The solution will also reduce capex and opex by up to 50%, driving down the cost of carbon capture to $30/ton on average – a cost that is well below the current EU carbon price and makes the economic case for carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) undeniable, said the firm.

Co-founder & CEO of Carbon Clean, Aniruddha Sharma said:

“With many industrial plants having limited space, the biggest barriers to widespread CCUS adoption have been the size and cost of existing technology. Carbon Clean is breaking down these barriers with the world’s smallest industrial carbon capture solution. CycloneCC is the next generation of technology that will make carbon capture simple, affordable, and scalable – bringing it within reach of a huge number of industrial emitters, especially those with small to mid-size emission point sources.”

It will be impossible to reach net zero without a huge uptick in CCUS – the International Energy Agency has stated that CCUS capacity deployment must be 50% higher than currently predicted trajectories if the world is to reach net zero by 2050 (CCUS in Clean Energy Transitions, September 2020).