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Etrio Welcomes Delhi govt’s decision to allow driving 10 year old diesel cars retrofitted with EV Kit

Recently the Delhi government made an announcement to allow people to drive their diesel cars aged 10+ years by incorporating retrofitted EV Kits.

Deepak MV, Founder & CEO, Etrio  sharing his views on the Delhi Government’s decision said “As a retrofitment pioneer in India, we at Etrio welcome the Delhi Government’s recent move to allow people to drive their diesel cars aged more than 10 years on the roads of the national capital if they are retrofitted with electric kits.”

He added “We believe that this announcement is bound to provide an immediate boost to the retrofitment industry in particular, and the nation’s EV ecosystem at large. Promoting ICE to EV conversion or retrofitment at scale is important and critical, not only because it supplements our country’s new EV production, but also because it helps in adding a new lease of life and performance to existing vehicles, and in the long run, can help companies to reduce their carbon footprint significantly.”

“With few state governments like the Delhi Government and Telangana Government already taking positive steps to allow subsidies and/or encouraging the uptake of retrofitted vehicles, it is time for other state governments to take notice on the retrofitment front as well and follow suit. To drive large scale decarbonization, retrofitment plays a central role; hence, subsidies on retrofitment along with ensuring availability of financing should be the next steps to boost the nation’s retrofitment space,” added Deepak MV.