ETO Motors deploys over 50 EVs in India’s first Electric Vehicle City

ETO Motors commenced operations of over 50 Electric Three-Wheelers in Kevadia(Gujarat), in partnership with The Statue of Unity Area Development and Tourism Governance Authority (SOUADTGA).

The company would further look at deploying over 350 Electric Vehicles in next four to six months. 

Announcements of developing Kevadia as India’s first electric vehicle city were made as early as June 2021 when the Hon. Prime Minister, Narendra Modi stated that Kevadia would have several firsts, including the world’s tallest Statue of Unity and becoming the first electric vehicle city in the country.

The entire fleet of the 50 TriLux Electric Three-Wheelers is being operated by women and will be another first to have all women drivers operating these vehicles. The operations would cover all of Kevadia, making it truly India’s first electric vehicle city.

SOUADTGA had earlier announced that the development of Kevadia as an electric vehicle-only area would be done in a phased manner, after the PM’s Office had assured them that necessary infrastructure would be made available so that only battery-based vehicles, including buses will run in Kevadia in future. This also comes in the backdrop of the Centre asking all States and UTs to identify on city each out of the national list of 60 cities whose entire electricity needs would be met through renewable energy.

Speaking on the occasion, N.K. Rawal, Managing Director & CEO said, “We, at ETO Motors are delighted to contribute towards making Kevadia, India’s first electric vehicle city, apart from the several other projects where our electric vehicles have been deployed in the form of passenger and logistics mobility solutions across the country. We are also happy to collaborate with the Statue of Unity Area Development and Tourism Governance Authority (SOUADTGA) in giving wings to this vision by our Hon. Prime Minister.