Prescinto Technologies partners with Integrum Energy for real-time monitoring of wind and solar farms

Artificial Intelligence-powered Clean energy Digitization platform, Prescinto Technologies partners with CAPEX solution provider Integrum Energy for real-time monitoring and analytics of their wind and solar farms managed by them in India

Prescinto will aid India’s leading CAPEX solution provider Integrum Energy’s client’s hybrid plants. The process includes digital transformation of their 100 MWs assets currently in place across India.

Integrum Energy will leverage Prescinto’s platform for actionable intelligence on their wind, solar and hybrid portfolio. Prescinto will partner with Integrum Energy for real-time monitoring and analytics of their wind and solar farms managed by them in India.

Prescinto provides a cloud-based asset agnostic platform that can remotely fetch data from the wind turbines and solar plants, visualize it and provide insights to improve generation. The platform would track wind and solar intelligence further offering customized monitoring dashboards.

The built-in performance analytics tool will detect the power curve underperformance with industry-leading diagnostics capability to identify root causes like pitch angle, yaw, rotor related issues, and more. It acts as the brain of a plant by providing deep and advanced analyses on the performance of assets.

Speaking of the partnership, Prescinto’s founder and CEO, Puneet Singh Jaggi said, “We want to accelerate the transition to 100% Clean Energy by providing intelligence aided by our expertise in technology and the clean energy domain across solar, wind, and energy storage. IE will be instrumental in our expansion into the wind sector. By aggregating all data and bringing hidden insights to the surface, Prescinto will enable further improvement in generation and bring technology to the forefront of asset management.” He further added that the partnership with Integrum Energy is testimony to the superior technology and solution provided by Prescinto.

“We are delighted to have Integrum Energy as part of our global customer and are looking forward to a long-term relationship.”

Anand Lahoti, CEO of Integrum Energy stated, “Prescinto offers real-time monitoring and analytics for wind and solar under a single platform. We had been looking for a technology partner and the solution provided by Prescinto is excellent.”

The platform can also capture real-time work order status linked to the insights provided. Along with creating a repository and enabling an end-to-end technical and commercial asset management solution for its customers.

With an existing clientele spanning across the likes of SoftBank Energy, Inox and GMR in 14 countries and over 12 GW of assets under management, Prescinto is aggressively expanding and has its sights set on the wind and energy storage market now.