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Smarten Records 1 million Sales; Offers an Extended Warranty on Inverter/Solar PCU

On achieving the milestone of 1 million products sold off, Smarten has announced an extended warranty of 36 months on inverters, Solar PCUs.

This scheme is applicable to the purchase of a combo which includes solar PCU/inverter, battery, and panel or a solar PCU/inverter, and battery with an extended warranty of 36 months on Inverter/Solar PCU.

The company has made a significant shift in the industry by propelling the adoption of its most efficient and advanced products.

Rajnish Sharma, CEO and Director, Smarten, said, “Our new product warranty is an extension of our commitment towards ensuring customer satisfaction. Smarten has carved a niche in the industry with its innovative and unique power-backup products for residential and commercial use. With more than 7 lakh satisfied customers across the country and over 1 million sold products, Smarten plays a significant role in creating more environmentally friendly homes.”

The customer can register for 36 months of product warranty by sending the serial number to the company’s WhatsApp or by registering through the website