Trina Solar bags Red Dot Product Design Award for Vertex S Series

Trina Solar has received the Red Dot Design Award, the product and industrial design award announced in Germany is known as the ‘Oscars’ of the design world. 

The Chinese PV maker’s Vertex S series of sleek, high-power and high-efficiency modules was selected out of nearly 10,000 entries from more than 60 countries for its advanced design concept and user experience.  

The awards are highly sought-after by-products and industrial designers. Other notable companies that have won the design award in past years include Apple, Audi, and Porsche.  

The Vertex S module is designed for residential rooftops, it not only has high power, high capacity and high reliability; but is also designed for aesthetics.

The company in a statement said that Vertex S has been unanimously praised by the global distributed module market and professionals, and favored by distributors and customers around the world.  Thanks to the advanced design and outstanding craftsmanship, it perfectly meets the high standards of the Red Dot Design Award from product function to appearance design.