30000 Tonnes of the Supertech Twin Towers Debris will be recycled by Re Sustainability

The demolition of the Supertech twin towers has left the city with obvious remnants that need to be treated on an urgent basis. Close to 30000 tonnes of construction and demolition waste was generated within 10 seconds of the demolition event.  

Re Sustainability (formerly known as Ramky Enviro Engineers Limited, Asia’s leading environmental management and circular company has been given the responsibility to deal with the Construction & Demolition waste generated, to ensure efficient waste collection and recycling and resource recovery. The company will process 300 tonnes of waste daily at their state-of-art Construction & Demolition Waste processing and Recycling facility in Noida in a span of three months.  

Masood Mallick CEO Re Sustainability, said, “Re Sustainability is happy to take up this crucial responsibility of recycling C&D waste and converting that into construction materials. We will execute and direct all our efforts to speed up the process and ensure sustainable resource recovery. Coming to our partnerships with industries, we are looking forward to witnessing great infrastructure built with the recycled materials that are exclusively made by our Construction & Demolition plant at Noida.” 

Being an industry leader, Re Sustainability has pioneered several sustainable solutions across the country. The Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling plant at Sector-80, Noida has to be one of the most efficient C&D projects of the country. The PPP plant addresses the long-standing issue of construction debris dumping on roadsides, open plots and other places eradicating the potential environmental hazards. The finished recycled products from the plant include manufactured sand, aggregates, tiles, paver blocks and pre-cast concrete products.  All of these products substitute sensitive natural resources.

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