Meet Bankura Businessman who Drives this Solar-Powered Nano Car

In the midst of rising fuel prices, Bankura resident Manojit Mondal has taken a step forward to reduce his dependence on fossil fuels.

A businessman by profession, Manojit has converted a nano car into a solar-powered car. The car runs purely on solar energy and does not require any petrol at all, making it a perfect solution for the fuel crisis, reports News18.

The car has become an iconic figure in Bankura, with people stopping to take pictures of it whenever they see it on the streets.

The running cost of the car is also quite low, with Manojit stating that it costs only Rs. 30 to 35 to run for 100 kilometers. The cost per kilometer is just 80 paisa, which is much cheaper compared to conventional cars.

Manojit on his social media page writes, As I worked on creating this car on the roadside, I was met with criticism and insults from those who passed by. They called me a fool and thought I was crazy for leaving my business to work on this project. Despite their discouraging words, I remained focused on my goal. I firmly believe that in order to achieve something great in life, your desire to succeed should outweigh your fear of failure.

He added “Now, the car that I built has become an iconic symbol not just in my country but also in neighboring countries. It’s truly humbling to receive calls from people around the world who recognize my work and consider it a global icon.”

The solar car does not have an engine, which means it produces no sound when it is started. However, it does have a gear system, allowing it to run at a maximum speed of 80 km per hour in fourth gear. Manojit has fulfilled his childhood dream of creating something new by building this solar car.

Converting the car was not easy, and Manojit faced many challenges along the way. However, he did not give up and persevered until he succeeded. Despite the car’s success and popularity, the government has yet to recognize or acknowledge the invention.

Manojit’s solar car is a testament to his ingenuity and determination to find solutions to pressing issues like limited fossil fuels. His solar car could inspire others to follow in his footsteps and explore alternative energy solutions to reduce their carbon footprint.

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